MORS JANUA VITAE “Death is the Door of Life” — an Adoption Genealogy Story

“The Symbolic Meaning of the Story of King Arthur” Published at King Arthurs’ Hall Tintagel, Billing and Sons Limited., Guilford and Esher. No Date. Illustration Page 5.
St Marteriana’s Church, Tintagel. April 2022
Trekkening Road Cemetery, St Columb Major. April 2022
St Columb Major Church. April 2022.

Emigration to Australia

Isaac Latimer poster, reproduced in “The Cornish Miner in Australia, Cousin Jack Down Under” by Philip J. Payton. Published by Dyllansow Truran Trewolsta, Trewirgie, Kernow [Cornwall] 1984. Courtesy Royal Institute of Cornwall
Leanne de Souza visiting St Materiana’s Church Tintagel April 2022.



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Leanne de Souza

Leanne de Souza

Governance | Leadership | Strategy | People & Culture | Graduate of UQ | music, books, alchemy, justice and champagne