It’s a dark moon weekend and it feels like a dangerous time for many in the music industry.

I see, and read of, the consequences of lockdowns, border closures, shows and tours cancelled in real time. I sense it in social media posts of artists and industry folks, daily. I…

My generation, the X-ers of Australian women, were hopeful of a feminist future much like this tree:

Strong, swollen with recognition and wisdom. A canopy rich with diversity and deep roots. Holding power to account and in place for future generations.

Alas this tree is how I feel today on…

Battle scars, grief and trauma run deep in the music industry.

My own experience includes ongoing, deep psychological wounds. The music industry spat me out twice — traumatic immediate loss of income, identity, purpose and imagined futures built on integrity, hard work and visions that failed to materialise.

I can…

Seeking to understand why my Spotify use has changed and is now increasingly skewed toward algorithmic lists I researched a “Digital Cultures” paper for university – this is an edited version.

Canadian cultural critic, Marshall McLuhan would define Spotify as a medium, and therefore differentiated from the music (content) that…

“Brisbane company ready to help restart Australia’s Nightlife” In Queensland, May 2020

Music is everywhere. We hear it in coffee shops, salons, bars, restaurants, gyms, hotel and theatre foyers, workplaces, shopping malls, family leisure centres, tourism attractions and the list goes on.

We feel music through our hearts and communicate it through our brains — music creates a bridge between the heart…

“No Gaps or Awkward Silences” by Maurice Powell (2020)

PART THREE : Play Data, Royalty Distribution and Equity

How royalties are distributed to the owners of songs and sound recordings deepens the complexity of the issues unpacked in FAIR PLAY Part One and Part Two.

Data has reshaped the conditions of economic exchange in the 21st Century.

The UK Intellectual Property Office commissioned research from Ulster University in…

Leanne de Souza

Governance | Leadership | Advocacy | Strategy | Research | Undergraduate at UQ | music, books, conversation, alchemy, justice and champagne

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